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The Antonio Meucci Centre focuses on activities and initiatives originating within Canada that promote objective thinking through factual research. The Centre's group of interested people, from coast to coast, support the search for 'truth' or of a 'new truth'.

The Centre's objective is to make available to the public information and data that can enrich one's knowledge and, potentially, spark intelligent debate.

The eventful life of Meucci is a model for understanding how History evolves and how historical data can change with new, objective and scientific proofs.

The site provides information and web links related to the life and work of

Discoverer of Telephony (since 1849).



Our Mission
To   "Proclaim a truth and,
when objectively confirmed,
a new truth."

Our Logo  



For Dr Basilio Catania's Q&A      Click image
Portrait from 1885 U.S.A. vs. Bell Court Trial

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Organization News

AMC  preparing for April 13, 2008 -   Antonio Meucci's 200th anniversary, commemorating his birth.

April 13, 2004 - AMC promotes:

Bring back the truth,

History demands it!

Archives of new truths

July 19, 2003 - Initiation of a community log book to record comments, opinions and suggestions  
Activities promoting Meucci  -   Continuous and diversified
PELO program - beginning June 2003
Visit of Dr Basilio Catania to Canada   - April 7 - 16, 2003 
PICAI program - March 2003
Ontario Science Centre exhibit - tba
Local, mobile exhibit(s) - Jan. 2003 Conference - Toronto - November 17, 2002
CBC Radio Canada - Meucci story
on 'This Morning' October 24, 2002
(Access to download of recording)
Inauguration of Antonio Meucci Centre, Montreal October 18, 2002

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