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Radio Interview - April 2006

RAI International aired a film depicting the life of Antonio Meucci.

On April 13th (birth date of Antonio Meucci) CFMB Radio Montreal gave its listeners on-going "spot" information on Meucci's life during the afternoon programming.  The following week an interview was aired underlining activities around Meucci's birth date, the immense research work done by Dr Basilio Catania since 1989 and the upcoming 200th anniversary in 2008.

Listen to the interview.


Meucci Day - Rome Italy - May 28 2003

The Government of Italy organized a day to commemorate Antonio Meucci and his work in the invention of the telephone.

The following links are the TV report of the event in three (3) parts.
(Links will execute a Real Player file.) 
You may view Dr. B. Catania's speech in the second half of Part 2.




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Commemorative stamp issued by Poste Italiane
Meucci Story on CBC Radio Canada
"This Morning" on 88.5 FM


The Meucci Story was produced by Loreen Pindera following the Media Conference on Antonio Meucci:  Discoverer of Telephony, held October 18th, 2002.  It aired on "This Morning" October 24th, 2002.
The 8 minute recording is on an MP3 file about 3.8 MB.  The download time will vary depending on your connection to the Internet and the recording will then play on your default audio program.
To download, please click below.

More worth listening to
Dr Basilio Catania's statements during the Media Conference, held in Montreal, October 18th, 2002, is available through the link below.  This MP3 file is 6.7 megs in size.  Access it with high speed Internet connection to avoid excessive download wait time.  

Dr Catania's interview

A smaller file containing the same interview in WMA format is available below (*). The 1.4 MB file is of reduced, yet satisfactory, quality.

(*) Dr Catania's interview

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