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On April 15, 2004, Antonio Meucci Centre begins a new quest:  identify and make known findings, which lead to the assertion of a new truths. 

The Centre will evaluate submitted, researched and archived materials in order to bring a proposed claim towards a new truth.

Dr Basilio Catania's visit to Canada 
April 7 to April 16   -   visiting Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto 
Highlights of Dr Catania's visit: 
  • Conference at Montreal's Casa d'Italia - April 8th
  • Conference at Montreal's Concordia University - April 9th
  • Meetings in Ottawa - April 10th
  • Antonio Meucci anniversary - April 13th
  • Conference at the University of Toronto - April 14th
  • Conference at Toronto's Columbus Centre - April 15th

Spin-off activities from this event are on-going.  Please contact us for preliminary details.  

Access to an Information Pamphlet 
You can download a pamphlet that summarizes Antonio Meucci Centre objectives and provides a special focus on Antonio Meucci.  The information is stored in a PowerPoint document - please click the pamphlet link "The New Truth About Telephony" below. 
The pamphlet is also available in Français and in Italiano on request.
Ontario Science Centre Exhibit 
A proposal to set up a Spring exhibit was put on hold.  A Fall timeframe is seen to be more realistic.  Coordinating efforts are in progress within the AMC.
PICAI   language classes 
The program involves providing short (mini) conferences at schools as well as a composition contest with the title "The inventions of Antonio Meucci".
PELO   program 
The program involves providing short (mini) conferences at schools as well as a long-term project with the title "Meucci's Story - youth perspective".
Two young sisters Sophie and Mirella say thanks to Meucci


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